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Think, Pair, Share

Avoid groupthink with a sequenced dialogue of solo, paired and group discussions


A sketched frame-by-frame visual to show a current or future experience

What, So What, Now What?

Create structured, coordinated next steps following exposure to new information or ideas

Project Stakeholder Mapping

Identify the who and when of stakeholder engagement

Empathy Mapping

A tool to dive into a person’s experience through what they are saying, doing, thinking and feeling

Problem Statements

Understand problems in a people-centered way before generating solutions


Identify ways to troubleshoot project roadblocks and failures before they happen

Lateral Inspiration

Spark fresh new thinking by looking to related organizations and industries for inspiration


Hold fresh and important conversations for personal growth

Journey Storming

Generate tangible, inspiring ideas using a Journey Map

Life Odyssey

Prototype your way into your future (work)life quickly and easily

Rapid Experimentation

Create a plan to transition your ideas into prototypes you can try out, learn and evolve.


Clarify the scope of the problem prior to taking generative leaps

Journey Map

Dynamically visualize a user’s experience to understand their needs and pain points

2x2 Prioritization Matrix

Evaluate and prioritize ideas - so that you can make decisions as a team

Conducting a Brainstorm

Create a productive and prosperous brainstorming environment

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