Think, Pair, Share

Avoid groupthink by creating a structured open dialogue in linear stages of solo, paired and group discussions

Think, Pair, Share is a rapid and structured approach to discussions that honors individual thought and helps break the bias of groupthink to liven up your conversations. Use this quick hit activity to generate ideas around a topic, or to capture rapid feedback on a proposed solution.


Align on a topic for discussion

This could be a topic around a proposed solution, creative idea, or in general anything a team is looking to get quick feedback on or clarity across a big group. Avoid the temptation to discuss a variety of topics at once and stick to a singular topic to start.


Individual reflection (Think)

Spend a few minutes of time reflecting on your own personal perspectives on the topic at hand. Jot down some notes to help clarify your thinking. Challenge your own bias and thought patterns.

Paired reflections (Pair)

Pair up with another person for discussion. Generate ideas and build on ideas from each other's self-reflection. Notice similarities and differences in your reflections for inspiration.

As a whole team (Share)

Come together as a team to share thoughts and ideas. This should not be a report out of everything, just a summary of the best points and ideas that surfaced amongst individual groups.

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