Designing For and With People

A learning Toolkit & community to Turn Your Practice Into Action

Designing For and With People

A Learning Toolkit & Community To Turn Your Practice Into Action

We are aspen labs

Aspen Labs empowers people to lead change with a fresh understanding of your user’s true needs and experiences & a recommitment to your personal and organizational purpose.

To do this, we work side by side with you on real-world challenges, applying decades of field experience in human-centered design with a rock-solid knowledge of empirical research. Our goal is to leave you with impactful solutions and Microclimates for Innovation™ to support your organization for many years to come.


Journey Storming

Generate tangible, inspiring ideas using a Journey Map

Rapid Experimentation

Transition ideas from abstract concepts to actionable next steps and start to learn about their viability in the real world


Clarify the scope of the problem prior to taking generative leaps

Journey Map

Dynamically visualize a user’s experience to understand their needs and pain points


Embracing Ambiguity
Fixed/Growth mindset – part 1
Fixed/Growth Mindset – part 2
Show and Act Quickly


Getting Creative
Mentoring Conversations


Why Nurses are Uniquely Suited to be Agents of Innovation
Turn Your Stress Into Optimal Stress
How to Build Your Creative Confidence
Design Experiences Beyond Earth