Designing For and With People

A learning Toolkit & community to Turn Your Practice Into Action

Designing For and With People

A Learning Toolkit & Community To Turn Your Practice Into Action

We are aspen labs

Aspen Labs empowers people to lead change with a fresh understanding of your user’s true needs and experiences & a recommitment to your personal and organizational purpose.

To do this, we work side by side with you on real-world challenges, applying decades of field experience in human-centered design with a rock-solid knowledge of empirical research. Our goal is to leave you with impactful solutions and Microclimates for Innovation™ to support your organization for many years to come.


Journey Storming

Generate tangible, inspiring ideas using a Journey Map

Rapid Experimentation

Create a plan to transition your ideas into prototypes you can try out, learn and evolve.


Clarify the scope of the problem prior to taking generative leaps

Journey Map

Dynamically visualize a user’s experience to understand their needs and pain points


Fixed/Growth Mindset – part 2
Leadership - 3 Daily Mantras
Leadership, Empathy
Radical Callaboration
Show and Act Quickly


Getting Creative
Mentoring Conversations


How Isolation Affects Creativity
Microclimates for Innovation
Reimagining the future of work
Abstract Sunday