Mentoring Conversations

Mentoring conversations are cornerstones to help support professional and personal growth.  However, the quality of mentoring conversations varies greatly and most of us are not necessarily taught how to participate in a good mentoring conversation.  We just sort-of fall into them if we are lucky.  This approach will help provide a path to amplify the power, impact and fun of your next mentoring conversation.

Watch the Mentoring Video to get an overview of this approach. If you are not familiar with Empathy Maps, spend some time there first before going on to the Mentoring worksheet activity and Fixed/Growth Mindsets. All of the videos and worksheets you need are contained right here.

Now what’s stopping you?  Unleash your thinking and explore the possibilities!


Fixed/Growth mindset – part 1
Fixed/Growth Mindset – part 2


Empathy Mapping

A tool to dive into a person’s experience through what they are saying, doing, thinking and feeling


Hold fresh and important conversations for personal growth

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