Identify ways to troubleshoot project roadblocks and failures before they happen

Often in projects, the learning happens too late in the process and nothing can be done to impact the project outcomes. The Pre-Mortem tool enables team members to harness the collective experience and wisdom of the team, at a time when it’s most useful – before the project even starts.


Brainstorm scenarios for failure


Bring the team together at the beginning of the project and ask them to imagine that the project is over, and that it was a failure. Looking back, have everyone imagine what may have caused the project to fail using the Pre-Mortem Template provided.


Identify the most critical risks that are in your control


Have each person share their point of view on the biggest perceived risks. As a team, group these by theme and vote on the most critical issues that the team should address before the project starts.


Brainstorm preventative solutions


Individually, brainstorm solutions for preventing these potential risks from happening. Capture these ideas for preventative solutions within the provided template. Share and discuss as a team.


Regroup and conduct a final vote


As a group, vote on which preventative solutions you will pursue and formalize a Pre-Mortem plan by assigning tasks and determining deadlines.

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