Project Stakeholder Mapping

Identify the who and when of stakeholder engagement

Collaboration rarely means including everyone at every step of a project. Project Stakeholder Mapping helps you explore who should be involved in a given project as well as how and when they will be involved.


Frame up the project

Using the Project Stakeholder Mapping template provided, begin by articulating the main goal of the project, who the target user is, and the project phases of the work. This will ground everyone in the context of the project.

Identify who you will involve

Brainstorm possible collaborators who might provide valuable contributions at any point along the project’s journey. This can be people within your organization as well as external stakeholders or even end-users (e.g., for feedback). Capture the list of collaborators within the shared template (or via the chat box on your video conference platform, if available).

Identify when and how you will involve them

From your list of collaborators, map out who should be involved at each phase of the project and what their role will be. Depending on your project, some people may be involved throughout the project, some might come and go, and others might not be involved at all. Get clear on who and when.

Socialize the project plan

Align with your internal collaborators and all stakeholders so that everyone knows their role and level of involvement for your project.

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Project Stakeholder Mapping

Identify the who and when of stakeholder engagement

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