2×2 Prioritization Matrix

Evaluate and prioritize ideas - so that you can make decisions as a team

2x2s provide a visual way for teams to build shared understanding and make collective decisions for moving ideas forward. Use this activity to evaluate and prioritize new ideas, strategic directions, user needs and more.


Gather your ideas

If possible, list out your team's ideas or decision points in the 2x2 Prioritization Matrix template in advance so that your team can easily hit the ground running when they convene.


Introduce what the team will be doing and why

Explain that the team will be engaged in visually exploring, evaluating, and prioritizing their thoughts, concepts and ideas together. Share the link to the 2x2 template.

Determine an initial set of criteria for sorting and prioritizing

As a team, think critically about how to explore aspects of your ideas for decision-making. Use these considerations to define the axes of the 2x2 grid(s). For example, if part of the goal is to generate ideas that can help reduce patient anxiety levels during a clinic visit, be sure to use “anxiety levels” as one of the criteria to map your ideas.

Round 1 - Sort, share and discuss

Sort your ideas into the 2x2 template and look for new insights on each idea as the grid takes shape. Are there interesting patterns? Does seeing where these ideas landed help your team see them differently?

Round 2 - Re-sort along even more relevant criteria

Play with a few more re-sorts along additional criteria sets as a team. Review and discuss.


Reflection and next steps

Discuss what key patterns emerged and what that might mean for your project. Determine what next steps can be identified based on your team’s biggest priorities.

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