Visually convey a vision for an ideal experience or solution

Storyboards are a great way to visually show current vs. future experiences through the act of sketching. Use this tool when you need a quick way to convey ideas, break down team processes, visualize user journeys, or explore new ways of working together as team.


Identify the experience to storyboard

Select the aspect of the user experience you want to understand and re-imagine. (see facilitators notes within our linked agenda for how to use this same activity for other challenges such as unpacking team or user dynamics or to create new approaches).

Sketch the storyboards

Have everyone sketch their perspective of both the current and ideal state of that experience in a six-frame storyboard on separate sheets of paper.

Compare perspectives

In breakout groups of 2-3, share your storyboards via screen share on a video conference platform. Discuss: What are you noticing? Any similarities? Differences? Surprises?

Discuss observations and insights

Upload all storyboards on Storyboard template in Mural and, as a whole group, discuss and document the most salient points that came up in the small group break-outs. What do you see differently about the process or experience now? What new insights came to life?

Wrap up

Summarize the session and consider using select storyboards later to continue brainstorming new ideas or to share with others for feedback.

Tools you may like

Journey Storming

Generate tangible, inspiring ideas using a Journey Map

Rapid Experimentation

Transition ideas from abstract concepts to actionable next steps and start to learn about their viability in the real world


Clarify the scope of the problem prior to taking generative leaps

Journey Map

Dynamically visualize a user’s experience to understand their needs and pain points

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