A sketched frame-by-frame visual to show a current or future experience

Storyboards are a great way to visually show current vs. future experiences through the act of sketching. Use this tool when you need a quick way to convey ideas, break down team processes, visualize user journeys, or explore new ways of working together as team. You can use this same activity for other challenges, such as unpacking team (or user) dynamics or to create new approaches).

Don’t hesitate, just dig in.  Stick people are people too.


Cue up the Activity

Select the aspect of the person or group’s experience you want to understand and re-imagine. (Y Storyboards can be created and shared in 3 main ways, so determine in advance the approach you will take;


-option 1: draw and hold the paper sketch up to the camera (its easy to do and explain and follow these instructions quickly, but know that it’s harder to for others to see the actual sketch)

-option 2: have participants take a photo of their sketches and brief text decriptions and add them to a shared document or virtual whiteboard so they are viewable by others. .


-paper and pens are all you need, but showing a simple sample of a storyboard will help make people more comfortable with drawing.

Sketch the storyboards

Have your participant(s) sketch their perspective of both the current and/or ideal state of that experience in a six-frame storyboard.

Compare Perspectives

Share your storyboards, this is sometimes done best in groups of 2-5. . Discuss: What are you noticing? Any similarities? Differences? Surprises? Insights?

Wrap Up

Summarize the session and consider using select storyboards later to continue brainstorming new ideas or to share with others for feedback or ongoing updates

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A sketched frame-by-frame visual to show a current or future experience

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