Journey Storming

Generate tangible, inspiring ideas using a Journey Map

Journey-Storming is a tool that helps teams brainstorm impactful solutions around key moments uncovered within a user’s journey while they're using a product, service, or going through an experience. To ensure you have a robust account of what those key moments are, be sure to complete a Journey Map prior to diving into this exercise.


Review and ready the Journey Map

Review the Journey Map(s) that your teams have completed and clean up any redundancies and formatting issues to get them share-ready.

Plan for diverse perspectives

Consider inviting participants that have a diversity of experience and insight to bring to the table to help drive a wide range of creative thinking.


Review and reflect on the completed Journey Map

Begin with a completed Journey Map. You can also break into smaller teams to review different completed maps if multiple ones are available.

Identify key moments and reflect on them

These should be moments that the team feels would be most valuable to focus on and can represent feelings of pain, frustration, joy, confusion, stress, or delight along their journey. Gather thoughts and comments from teammates individually to begin.

Brainstorm new ideas based on key moments as a group

Base these ideas in each of the moments articulated in the previous step. What would address or improve upon each of these moments? Ask teammates to read through each other's ideas, ask questions, and contribute their own thoughts.

Assess and prioritize these ideas

Discuss which ideas might need to be merged, scaled up, or scaled down. Consider doing a prioritization exercise, such as a 2x2 Prioritization Matrix to identify which ideas have the most merit.

Determine next steps

Consider further prioritization, workshopping, or Rapid Experimentation.

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